TPZ177: RTW Bikepacking Adventure with Tristan Ridley


After working and hitchhiking around Australia for 2 years, he bought a bike and spent 3 months cycling around New Zealand.  He then cycled back to his home in England starting in Papua New Guinea where he came down with Dengue fever and was chased by men wielding machetes.  After working 16 months in England, the cycling adventure continued through Northern Europe before riding south into the Balkans.  In December 2018 he rode into the Middle East and onward into North Africa.  Currently in Tanzania, he is just over halfway to his goal of cycling 100,000 km through 100 countries on 6 continents.  Part of his adventure is to raise funds for Build Africa, a UK charity working to fight poverty in Kenya and Uganda by using education to combat inequality.  You can learn more about his adventures at his website  Tristan Ridley, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ176: Thru-Hiking Te Araroa with Alison Young

Te Araroa thru-hike

In late October 2018 she traveled to New Zealand to begin a 4-month southbound thru-hike of Te Araroa, a 3,000 km walking track across the north and south islands.  It’s a challenging hike that took her across various landscapes including beaches, cities, forests, and volcanoes.  You can read more about Te Araroa and her other adventures at her website  Alison Young, welcome back to the show.

Walking the Zambezi River with Chaz Powell : TPZ 141

Zambezi RiverFor over a decade, Chaz Powell has been backpacking in remote places around the world. Starting in August 2016, Chaz began an attempt to walk the length of the Zambezi river starting at the source near Kalene Hills in northwestern Zambia. He walked for nearly 1,300 miles in 97 days through one the most remote parts of the world, most of the time alone and self-supported. The goal was to reach the Indian Ocean, but Chaz fell short by 600 miles due to the dangers of traveling through Mozambique. His main goal is to raise money and awareness for wildlife conservation throughout Africa and to highlight the growing concerns of wildlife crimes across the globe. He is supporting the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and you can learn more about Chaz and his adventures at Chaz Powell, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Cycling Around the World with Leigh Timmis : TPZ 140

RTW cycling around the worldIn the summer of 2010, Leigh Timmis pedaled away from his home in England to begin an around the world cycling adventure. Somewhere along the way he realized that cycling every painstaking and dangerous mile of the journey is not as important as enjoying it. Leigh cycled in support of the Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre, a charity that provides week-long holidays to children in need. After 7 years Leigh wrapped up his adventure a few days ago and you can learn more about it at his website Leigh Timmis, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Hitchhiking Argentina to Alaska with Steve & Jo Dew-Jones : TPZ 139

hitchhiking BrazilIn March 2014, Steve and Jo Dew-Jones traveled to the bottom of South America and began hitchhiking north. In November, they arrived in Homer Alaska after traveling over 26,000 miles with 392 drivers. Their only rule was to hitchhike and not use paid transportation. They wrote a book about the adventure titled The Rule of Thumb 2 which you can learn more about at Steve and Jo, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Kayaking in Chilean Patagonia with Will Copestake : TPZ 138

kayaking patagoniaWith 45 days of food crammed into their 17 foot expedition kayaks, Will Copestake and his friend Seumus began an 840 km expedition through the icy fjords of Chilean Patagonia – a perfect harmony of the brutal and the beautiful as Will writes at his website Will previously appeared in episode 53 talking about his Scotland kayaking and Munro bagging adventure which you can find at Will Copestake, welcome back to the show.

Mountaineering in Svalbard with James Lam : TPZ 137

climbing svalbardIn the summer of 2016, a team of five from Oxford University traveled into the Arctic Circle to ski east to west across the island of Spitsbergen – part of a Norwegian archipelago. They retraced a 1923 expedition that had contributed a great deal of scientific knowledge about the region. Their goal is to conduct new research to tell the story of how the landscape has changed over nearly a century. For 32 days and 180 miles they hauled their sleds across the landscape looking to repeat the photos from 1923 and filming a documentary. Pursuing mountaineering objectives was another part of the Spitsbergen Retraced Expedition led by James Lam and you can learn more at James Lam, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Road Trip thru US National Parks with Jeremy Cronon : TPZ 136

US National Parks Road TripIn the summer of 2015, Jeremy Cronon set out on a 32,000 mile road trip through the USA. He wanted to better understand the American wilderness and its conservation ethic by visiting places we have chosen to protect. With his faithful companion Sam, a 2008 Atomic blue Honda Element outfitted like a camper van, Jeremy explored 47 National Parks. Over the 250 day adventure he also visited state parks, cities, and connected with friends and family along the way. You can learn more about his travels at his website Jeremy Cronon, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Rafting down the Amazon River with Henrik Frederiksen : TPZ 135

Rafting the AmazonIn 2011, Henrik Frederiksen quit his job as a marine civil engineer to pursue his dream of cycling around the world. But when he reached Ecuador, after 2.5 years, he was looking for a change. So with his Bulgarian friend Peycho, the two decided to build a bamboo raft and float down the Amazon river. The raft took one month to build then they spent 4 months floating 2,000 miles through three countries dealing with an unpredictable river and the fear of pirates. After the journey ended, Henrik spent two months on the Caribbean coast of Colombia reflecting and writing a book about the journey titled We Drifted into the Amazon – A homemade bamboo raft down the mighty Amazon River Unsupported. You can learn more about his adventure at Henrik Frederiksen, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Kayaking from Greenland to Scotland with Olly Hicks : TPZ 134

Kayaking Greenland to Scotland

Photo credit : Emma Hall

Olly Hicks and George Bullard kayaked from Greenland to Scotland. Their 22 ft tandem sea kayak was customized to allow them to lay flat in the cockpits and rest during the long crossings. From Greenland they paddled to Iceland then made their way along its northern coast before starting the 4 day and 4 night paddle to the Faroe Islands in a notorious stretch of water known as the devil’s dancefloor. During their final crossing to Scotland, exhausted and with a closing weather window, they stopped short at North Rona the most remote island of the British Isles. After a short weather delay they landed on the coast of Durness Scotland after 6 weeks and 1200 miles of paddling. You can learn more about The Greenland to Scotland Challenge as well as Olly’s other adventures at his website Olly Hicks, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.