TPZ208: Teaching in Korea, Traveling India and Making Travel Videos with Christine Ka’aloa

Christine Ka’aloa runs the YouTube channel GrrrlTraveler.  It’s a channel that takes you inside her solo travel adventures around the world.  Before YouTube, she lived in New York City for over 8 years, working in tv and video production including working with MTV.  When the economy slowed in 2009, she decided to take a gap year to travel abroad.  She spent time living in South Korea teaching English before spending 7 months backpacking in India and SE Asia.  She also runs a companion travel blog at where you can learn more about her travels.  Christine Ka’aloa, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ204: Walking India & Adventure Filmmaking with Olie Hunter Smart

Walking India

At the end of 2016 he left his job to begin 2 months of planning for a walk across India from Turtuk in the north to Kanyakumari in the south. The walk would begin in 2017. The year marking 70 years of Indian independence. The goal of the expedition was to learn about how Independence and Partition affected the people that lived through it as well as to demonstrate that with careful planning and determination it is possible to walk over 7 months and 4,500 km through high altitude, extreme heat and monsoon rains with a 50-year-old rucksack. He also made a film about the journey titled The Road to Independence. You can learn more about the film and his adventures at Olie Hunter Smart, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ115: Volunteering Around the World with John Marshall

Volunteer around the world

John Marshall set off on a 6 month volunteering adventure with his wife and teenage son and daughter in 2010. Their travels brought them to a wildlife sanctuary in Costa Rica, WWOOFing in New Zealand, teaching English in rural Thailand, and working at an orphanage in India. His book about their journey is titled Wide-Open World How Volunteering Around the Globe Changed One Family’s Lives Forever. You can learn more about John and his latest project at and John Marshall, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ114: Walking India with Oli Broadhead & Angus Walker

Walking India Oli Broadhead and Angus Walker
Oli (left) & Angus

For 2 months in the summer of 2015, Oli Broadhead and Angus Walker trekked over 600 miles east to west across southern India from the Bay of Bengal to the Arabian Sea. They walked 20 miles a day across the diverse landscapes of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Kerala. Oli and Angus are currently students so their budget was low and their kit minimal. They are both aspiring filmmakers and are working on a short film of their adventure. You can learn more at their websites and Oli and Angus, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ113: Ganges River Expedition with Krushnaa Patil

Krushnaa Patil is a mountaineer and motivational speaker who became the youngest Indian to summit Mount Everest in 2009 at age 19. Between attempts to complete the Seven Summits, she joined the Access Water Expedition – a 55-day, 1500 mile journey along the Ganges River also known as the Ganga. From Gomukh in the Indian Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal, the team of 8 women met with young people to raise awareness and inspire future leaders to work toward access to abundant, clean water. You can learn more about their adventure at Krushnaa Patil, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ016: Traveling to India and Beyond with Jessica Yurasek

Travel India

Jessica Yurasek is on a journey – a journey to become un-stuck and to find meaning, purpose, creativity, and inspiration in everyday life.  After five years behind the cubicle in busy, chaotic Los Angeles, she was burned-out.  Fortunately, a job layoff pushed the daydreams into reality.  She packed up her belongings, rented her house, and planned for a year of travel vagabond-style through South Korea, Indonesia, China, India, Thailand, Myanmar, and beyond.  You can read more about her travels at  Jessica Yurasek, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

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