TPZ209: Sailing the Pacific and Cycling Across the USA with Simon Parker

He lives a life of adventure as a travel writer and broadcast journalist, reporting from over 100 countries in the past decade.  Back in 2016 he sailed and cycled from China to London in 133 days.  The main legs of this journey were a 28-day yacht race across the North Pacific then cycling across the USA in 49 days before getting back into the race on a different crew and sailing 11 days across the North Atlantic from New York to Derry/Londonderry in Northern Ireland.  His latest creation is a video series titled Earth Cycle.  In the first season he cycles 2000 miles in Norway and Sweden, interviewing locals and shining a light on environmental issues.  You can learn more about Simon at  Simon Parker, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Simon’s TedX Talk

BBC Radio Documentary for the Sailing & Cycling Adventure

TPZ168: Arctic Expedition Sailing with Katherine Knight

A lifelong love of sailing and adventure has taken Katherine Knight all over the world, from Iceland to Canada, the arctic and Cape Horn.  Her home, with her partner Eric, is a 50ft expedition yacht called Narwhal.  This past year they set sail on an amazing journey from Scotland across the arctic circle to Norway.  Their expeditions also devote time to Clean Up the Arctic, removing large amounts of trash from the beautiful arctic waters.  Katherine is also passionate about empowering people to get beyond their doorstep and fall in love with adventure.  You can learn more about the Narwhal and their sailing expeditions at  Katherine Knight, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Film link ‘The Adventure Itinerary’

TPZ164: Adventure Photojournalism and the Volvo Ocean Race with Jen Edney

Volvo Ocean Race

The Volvo Ocean Race is an around the world sailing race over nine months and 45,0000 nautical miles.  Within each race team is an embedded multimedia journalist whose job is to give the fans on shore a taste of what the race is really like.  It’s one of the toughest jobs in sports media and Jen Edney was one of the ten journalists embedded this year.  Jen is a traveler and adventure storyteller using photography and video and you can learn more about her at  Jen Edney, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ018: An Around the World Solo Sailing Adventure with Laura Dekker

Young woman sailing around the worls

Laura Dekker was born on a boat and from a young age dreamed of sailing the globe.  With the support of her parents she was ready to set sail at age 13 only to be stopped by Dutch authorities.  After the legal battles ended, she won her fight and set off on her solo journey at age 14.  366 days later, she successfully completed her solo circumnavigation in January of 2012 and became the youngest person to do so.  She now calls New Zealand her home and has written a book about her adventures titled A Girl A Dream.  Learn more at  Laura Dekker, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

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