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214Cycling the Iron Curtain Trail aka Eurovelo 13 with Laura Scott5/9/2021
213Kayaking the Amazon River with Olie Hunter Smart4/25/2021
212Cycling England to Australia with Josiah Skeats4/11/2021
211Cycle Touring Across the USA with Anna Welch3/28/2021
210Cycle Touring with Eric and Maudi from Wheels to Wander3/15/2021
209Sailing the Pacific and Cycling Across the USA with Simon Parker3/1/2021
208Teaching in Korea, Traveling India and Making Travel Videos with Christine Ka’aloa2/15/2021
207Adventure Filmmaking in the Waddington Range with Greg Gransden2/1/2021
206Traveling in Africa & Cycle Racing Across the USA with Alissa8/3/2020
205Unicycling Patagonia with Anne-Sophie Rodet7/27/2020
204Walking India & Adventure Filmmaking with Olie Hunter Smart7/20/2020
203Cycling Around the World with Snežana Radojičić7/13/2020
202Cycling Sweden to New Zealand with Ann Johansson6/29/2020
201Long-Distance Hiking in Europe with Karma & Scott6/22/2020
200Building a Bike-Car and Cycling across Canada with Paul Everitt6/15/2020
199Cycling Alaska to Argentina with Radu Păltineanu6/8/2020
198Trekking across Madagascar with Chaz Powell6/1/2020
197Cycling and Rowing from Nepal to Indonesia to Summit Carstensz Pyramid with Jelle Veyt5/18/2020
196Working at McMurdo Station in Antarctica with Zach and Leah5/11/2020
195Trekking Across Iceland in Winter with Łukasz Supergan5/4/2020
194Cycling the North Sea Cycle Route aka EuroVelo 12 with Laura Kennington4/27/2020
193From England to Norway in a Converted Lifeboat with Guylee Simmonds and David Schnabel4/20/2020
192Trekking the Kanuku Mountains in Guyana with Lucy Shepherd4/13/2020
191Winter Trekking in Lapland, Northern Finland with Rachel Frei Bandieri4/6/2020
190Travel Blogging with Sofie Couwenbergh3/30/2020
189Sailing, Cycling, Motorbiking and Vanlife Adventures with Huub van der Mark3/23/2020
188Adventure Racing with Holly Budge3/16/2020
187Cycling West Africa with Nikki Ray12/9/2019
186Trekking in Sweden with Anna Blackwell11/18/2019
185Cycle Touring with Scott Sharick11/4/2019
184Cycling, Packrafting, & Hiking with Alice Bowers10/21/2019
183Rowing the Pacific Ocean with Jacob Adoram10/7/2019
182Exploring Newfoundland and Labrador with Justin Barbour9/2/2019
181Cycling in Asia and Creating YouTube Videos with Adam Hugill8/26/2019
180Cycling Alaska to Argentina with Chris Haag & Sophie George8/19/2019
179In the Footsteps of the Cherokee with Ian Finch & Jamie Barnes8/12/2019
178Adventure Cycle Touring with Tim & Linda7/22/2019
177RTW Bikepacking Adventure with Tristan Ridley7/15/2019
176Thru-Hiking Te Araroa with Alison Young7/8/2019
175Cycling Around the World with Fredrika Ek7/1/2019
174Trekking to Everest Base Camp with Russ Hepton6/24/2019
173Trekking Death Valley National Park with Roland Banas6/17/2019
172Cycling Around the World with Tim Millikin6/10/2019
171Kayaking the Kwanza River in Angola with Oscar Scafidi6/2/2019
170Solar VanLife Adventure with Joel Hayes & Keegan Taccori5/27/2019
169Walking thru Bangladesh with Ian Packham5/13/2019
168Arctic Expedition Sailing with Katherine Knight5/6/2019
167Trekking the Gambia River with Chaz Powell4/29/2019
166Vietnam Motorcycle Adventure with William Shears10/8/2018
165Skiing the Greenland Ice Cap with Hollie Woodhouse9/24/2018
164Adventure Photojournalism and the Volvo Ocean Race with Jen Edney9/10/2018
163Cycling Adventure Update with Adam Sultan8/27/2018
162Cycling the Silk Road with Kate Harris8/13/2018
161Hitchhiking and Cycling in Africa with Jeff Commissaris7/30/2018
160Bikepacking Iceland and Sri Lanka with George Maurer7/16/2018
159Trekking to K2 Basecamp with Alison Young7/2/2018
158Cycling Around the World with Tim Moss6/18/2018
157Thru-hiking the Great Plains Trail with Luke Jordan6/4/2018
156Cycling in the South American Andes with Faye Shepherd5/21/2018
155Ultralight on the Appalachian Trail with Chip Vachon5/7/2018
154RTW Overland Motorbike Adventure with Steph Jeavons4/1/2018
153Patagonia Horseback Adventure with Stevie Anna3/19/2018
152Backpacking Europe with Daniel Alvarez3/5/2018
151Bikepacking the Tour Divide with Ralph Karsten2/26/18
150Rowing the Atlantic Ocean with Paddy Montgomery & Seamus Crawford2/12/2018
149 Bicentennial National Trail on Wild Horses with Alienor Le Gouvello2/5/2018
148Amazon Dugout Canoe Adventure with Ben Sadd and James Trundle1/29/2018
147Backpacking Iceland with Larry Mishkar1/22/2018
146Bikepacking and Adventure Filmmaking with Ben Page1/15/2018
145Skiing and Kayaking in Russia with Callie Morgigno1/8/2018
144Climbing Mt. Elbrus with James Didier12/31/2017
143What's coming in the New Year for the Podcast12/18/2017
142Winter Thru-Hiking the Ice Age Trail with Mike Summers12/11/2017
141Walking the Zambezi River with Chaz Powell5/15/2017
140Cycling Around the World with Leigh Timmis5/1/2017
139Hitchhiking Argentina to Alaska with Steve & Jo Dew-Jones11/14/2016
138Kayaking in Chilean Patagonia with Will Copestake11/7/2016
137Mountaineering in Svalbard with James Lam10/31/2016
136Road Trip thru US National Parks with Jeremy Cronon10/24/2016
135Rafting down the Amazon River with Henrik Frederiksen10/17/2016
134Kayaking from Greenland to Scotland with Olly Hicks10/10/2016
133Cycling to Mount Everest with Jelle Veyt10/3/2016
132Cycling Single Speed Around the World with Markus Stitz9/26/2016
131Bikepacking and Photography in Argentina with Federico Cabrera9/19/2016
130Sumatra Biodiversity Expedition with Oli Broadhead & Iris Berger9/12/2016
129Canoeing the Yukon River with Ian Finch9/5/2016
128SUP the Danube River with Andy Bartlett8/29/2016
127Canoeing the Missouri & Mississippi with Lisa & Alyce8/22/2016
126Cycling without Money across South America with Laura Bingham8/15/2016
125Running the Jungle Ultra in Peru with Hollie Woodhouse8/8/2016
124Cycling Around the World with Stephen Fabes8/1/2016
123Channel Islands Triathlon with Laura Kennington7/25/2016
122Running 17,000 km from Canada to Argentina with Jamie Ramsay7/18/2016
121Solo Trekking and Packrafting in Chilean Patagonia with Charlie Tokeley7/11/2016
120Why Not Start an Adventure Film Festival with Graham Clarke7/04/2016
119A Musician Tours by Bicycle with Ben Weaver6/27/2016
118Cycling, Running & Rowing with Seamus Crawford & Paddy Montgomery6/20/2016
117Cycling Around the World with Adam Sultan6/13/2016
116Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon with Ted Olson6/6/2016
115Volunteering Around the World with John Marshall5/30/2016
114Walking India with Oli Broadhead & Angus Walker5/23/2016
113Ganges River Expedition with Krushnaa Patil5/16/2016
112Climbing El Potrero Chico with Evan Johnson5/9/2016
111Running the Marathon des Sables with Sarah Williams5/2/2016
110Mountain Biking & Cycle Touring with Andy Welch4/11/2016
109Trekking Madagascar with Ash Dykes4/4/2016
108Cycling in Africa with Carl-David Granbäck12/14/2015
107The Making of Janapar & the Art of Storytelling with James Newton12/7/2015
106Ho Chi Minh Trail by Motorbike with Antonia Bolingbroke-Kent11/30/2015
105Hiking & Packrafting Alaska’s Brooks Range with Kristin Gates11/23/2015
104Adventure Filmmaking on the Karun River in Iran with Leon McCarron11/16/2016
103Cycling the Coast of Britain with Anna Hughes11/9/2015
102Adventure Cycling & Travel with Dakota & Chelsea11/2/2015
101Walking Wales with Ursula Martin10/26/2015
100Climbing the Alaska Range with Ryan Wichelns and Gabe Messercola9/21/2015
099Cycling Around the World with Tom Davies9/14/2015
098A Year in the Boundary Waters with Dave & Amy Freeman9/7/2015
097Te Araroa New Zealand Running Adventure with Anna McNuff8/17/2015
096Hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc with Mike Hogan8/10/2015
095Expedition 720 - Cycling to Alaska with Angelo Wilkie-Page8/3/2015
094Canoeing the Rio Roosevelt with Dave Freeman 6/22/2015
093Kayaking the Aleutians and Adventure Filmmaking with Justine Curgenven6/15/2015
092Adventure Cycling Key West to Cape Flattery with Jake Hoffmann5/25/2015
091Kayaking the Mississippi River with Ellen McDonah5/18/2015
090A Kayaking and Cycling Adventure with Sarah Outen5/4/2015
089Kayaking Patagonia with Erin Bastian4/27/2015
088Adventure Filmmaking in Mongolia & China with Rob Lilwall4/20/2015
087 A 43,000 Mile Cycling Adventure with Charlie Walker4/6/2015
086A Dog Sledding Adventure for Charity with Danielle Ramsey3/30/2015
085Canoeing the Congo River with Phil Harwood3/16/2015
084Into the Empty Quarter Desert with Leon McCarron3/9/2015
083Skiing Unsupported to the North Pole with Tyler Fish3/2/2015
082Cycling Around the World for Rhinos with Will Frazer2/16/2015
081Cycling Around the World with Tom Bruce2/9/2015
080Running across Africa with Emma Timmis2/2/2015
079Land Rover Adventure with Lucy Engleheart and Anne-Laure Carruth1/26/2015
078Desert Ultrarunning & Adventure Filmmaking with Jennifer Steinman1/19/2015
077Cycle Touring with Anik See1/12/2015
076Rowing the Indian Ocean with James Adair1/5/2015
075Canoeing Across Canada with Mike Ranta12/22/2014
074Canoeing the Canadian Arctic with Jennifer Kingsley12/15/2014
073A North Pole Expedition with Eric Larsen11/24/2014
072The Arrowhead 135 and Adventure Filmmaking with Brenda Piekarski11/17/2014
071Walking the Coast of South Africa with Grant Christie11/10/2014
070Kayaking, Cycling, and Climbing with Axe Rawlinson11/3/2014
069An 11-Year Cycle Touring Adventure with Tim Travis10/27/2014
068Surviving Solo on Rockall with Nick Hancock10/20/2014
067A Cycling and Climbing Expedition with Sophie Radcliffe10/13/2014
066A 30,000 km Cycling Adventure with Peter Dudfield10/6/2014
065Canoe Racing the Yukon 1000 with Emma Burgeson9/29/2014
064Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with Megan Rose9/22/2014
063A 1500-Mile Walk Across Mongolia with Ash Dykes9/15/2014
062Hiking the John Muir Trail for Diabetes with Haley and Ethan Maurice9/8/2014
061Canoeing Labrador with Pete Marshall8/25/2014
060Beginning Cycle Touring with Jack Hawkins8/18/2014
059Cycling Kapp to Cape with Reza Pakravan and Steven Pawley8/11/2014
058Traversing Papua New Guinea with Patrick Hutton8/4/2014
057Iditarod Racing for Rare Diseases with Cindy Abbott7/28/2014
056Kite Skiing Greenland with Dixie Dansercoer7/21/2014
055Racing Across America with Bob McEnaney7/14/2014
054Beeline Britain with Ian O’Grady7/7/2014
053Sea Kayaking and Munro Bagging in Scotland with Will Copestake6/23/2014
052Cycling Antarctica with Maria Leijerstam6/16/2014
051Paddling to Winter with Julie Buckles6/9/2014
050Encircle Africa with Ian Packham6/2/2014
049-4Cycling the TransAmerica with Brian Schilling and Robin Kerber Part 49/1/2014
049-3Cycling the TransAmerica with Brian Schilling and Robin Kerber Part 37/1/2014
049-2Cycling the TransAmerica with Brian Schilling and Robin Kerber Part 26/9/2014
049-1Cycling the TransAmerica with Brian Schilling and Robin Kerber5/24/2014
048Thru-Hiking the Continental Divide Trail with Dan Drehmel5/19/2014
047Cycling the Road of Smiles with Oli Goulden5/12/2014
046Solo Rafting the Cotahuasi River with Bruce Low5/5/2014
0451000-Mile Donkey Adventure with Hannah Engelkamp4/28/2014
044Running around the World with Tom Denniss4/21/2014
043Trekking the Planet with Darren and Sandy Van Soye4/14/2014
042World Record Antarctic Expedition with Lewis Clarke3/24/2014
041Alone in Antarctica with Felicity Aston3/17/2014
040Cycling 50 States with Anna McNuff3/10/2014
039Choosing to Live with Davey du Plessis3/3/2014
038Kayaking the Amazon River with West Hansen2/24/2013
037Surfing North of the Sun with Jørn Nyseth Ranum2/17/2014
036Canoeing Mongolia and Russia with Bria Schurke2/10/2014
035Adventure Fundraising with Sarah Winters Papsun2/3/2014
034Walking the World with Caroline Moireaux1/27/2014
033Kayaking Lake Superior with Greg Petry1/20/2014
032Tim Cope On the Trail of Genghis Khan1/13/2014
031Skijoring Ellesmere Island with John Huston12/30/2013
030Thru-Hiking the North Country Trail with Luke Jordan12/16/2013
029Traveling and Volunteering with Shannon O’Donnell12/9/2013
028London to London via the World with Sarah Outen12/02/2013
027Running Across Mongolia with Brian Hunter11/25/2013
026Hiking the Keystone XL with Ken Ilgunas11/18/2013
02557 Colorado 14ers in 25 Days with Dan Hobbs11/11/2013
024SUP the Missouri River with Scott Mestrezat11/04/2013
023The Great Himalayan Trail with Doc McKerr10/28/2013
022Adventure on the Amur with Amber Valenti10/21/2013
021Running South America with Dave and Katharine Lowrie10/14/2013
020Stories of the Boundary Waters with Barry Johnson10/7/2013
019Missouri River Paddling with Janet Moreland9/23/2013
018An Around the World Solo Sailing Adventure with Laura Dekker9/16/2013
017A 3,074 Mile ElliptiGO Expedition with Squash Falconer9/9/2013
016Traveling to India and Beyond with Jessica Yurasek9/2/2013
015Cycling the Lewis and Clark Trail with the Family Adventure Guy - Charles Scott8/26/2013
014An Off-Grid 4700 Mile Cycling Adventure with Rob Greenfield8/19/2013
013Cycling Around the World with Loretta Henderson8/12/2013
012An Adirondack Traverse with Ryan Wichelns and Gabe Messercola7/22/2013
011A Walk Across Turkey with Matt Krause7/15/2013
010South American Adventure Travel with Jordan Harvey of Knowmad Adventures7/8/2013
009Steve Knowlton’s 3,717 Mile Run from Seattle to Key Largo7/1/2013
008Urban Farming in Berkeley California with Adam Berman6/24/2013
007Living Abroad in Peru with Danielle Krautmann6/17/2013
006Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail with Aaron Hushagen6/7/2013
005A 4,000 Mile Kayak Adventure from Minnesota to Florida with Daniel Alvarez6/1/2013
0043 Years of Adventure by Kayak, Canoe, and Dogsled5/27/2013
003From Mali to the Peace Corps with Wes Meier5/22/2013
002A 130-day Canoe Expedition across Canada’s Northern Territories5/17/2013
001A Year of Adventure in New Zealand, Australia, and SE Asia with Jess on a Whim5/12/2013

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