TPZ 215: Creating Trails Magazine with Ryan Wichelns

Ryan Wichelns is the founding editor of Trails Magazine.  It is the only independent, quality-over-quantity, and print-only magazine for backpackers … Continue Reading...

TPZ214: Cycling the Iron Curtain Trail aka Eurovelo 13 with Laura Scott

At the age of 22 she had a spinal injury that ended her dreams of becoming an athlete.  Through a lot of pain, disappointment and treatment she … Continue Reading...

TPZ213: Kayaking the Amazon River with Olie Hunter Smart

In 2015, with his friend Tarran, he completed a kayaking adventure along the Amazon River, traveling from the headwaters of the Rio Mantaro, high in … Continue Reading...

TPZ212: Cycling England to Australia with Josiah Skeats

The first part of his 40,000-kilometer cycling journey took him from England to Tbilisi Georgia.  After a winter break in England earning money, … Continue Reading...

TPZ211: Cycle Touring Across the USA with Anna Welch

In the summer of 2019, Anna Welch traveled from New Zealand to San Francisco to begin cycling across the United States. She was inspired by the Kate … Continue Reading...

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