TPZ206: Traveling in Africa & Cycle Racing Across the USA with Alissa

Her travels have taken her all over the world.  Her first big adventure was traveling solo through parts of East and West Africa using public … Continue Reading...

TPZ205: Unicycling Patagonia with Anne-Sophie Rodet

Her adventure began in Ushuaia Argentina in late January 2013. Nearly 7 months later she cycled into Santiago Chile after 4,600 km accomplishing her … Continue Reading...

TPZ204: Walking India & Adventure Filmmaking with Olie Hunter Smart

At the end of 2016 he left his job to begin 2 months of planning for a walk across India from Turtuk in the north to Kanyakumari in the south. The … Continue Reading...

TPZ203: Cycling Around the World with Snežana Radojičić

When she was little, she dreamed of becoming a writer. But by her early forties, after dozens of jobs from teaching to real estate to selling … Continue Reading...

TPZ202: Cycling Sweden to New Zealand with Ann Johansson

She left her job as a graphic designer and traveled to New Zealand to start her first bicycle tour.  But when it was over, she knew she wanted … Continue Reading...

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