TPZ210: Cycle Touring with Eric and Maudi from Wheels to Wander

In 2018 they began a long cycling adventure, heading east from their home country the Netherlands. Some of the places they have cycled include Turkey, Iran, Oman, and Japan. They’ve experienced the extremes of the high mountain passes through central Asia and the heat and humidity of SE Asia. Along the way they captured these moments with their cameras and created some of the best cycling videos on YouTube. Their channel is called Wheels to Wander and you can find them at their website Eric and Maudi, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

The Big Africa Cycle – Peter Gostelow’s blog


  1. It was very nice to hear you guys. Very interesting interview.

  2. very inspiring! thank you for sharing

  3. Brilliant episode! Love the interview questions and story telling.

  4. Simon Johnson says

    A brilliant interview. I love those crazy guys!

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