TPZ128: SUP the Danube River with Andy Bartlett

SUP Danube River

Kate Davis and Andy Bartlett became the first people to stand up paddle board the entire length of the Danube River from source to sea in 2016. Starting in the Black Forest of Germany they traveled through 10 countries, visited 4 capital cities, and reached the shores of the Black Sea in Ukraine after 90 days and 3,000 km. They did this in support of the Water Aid which aims to improve water access and sanitation worldwide. You can learn more about their adventure at Andy Bartlett, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ127: Canoeing the Missouri & Mississippi with Lisa & Alyce

Canoe Missouri and Mississippi
Lisa (left) and Alyce

Starting in the summer of 2016, Lisa Pugh and Alyce Kuenzli will attempt to become the first female expedition to complete a source-to-sea descent of the world’s 4th Longest River System – the Jefferson, Missouri, and Mississippi. They call their expedition Source of Confidence and its aim is to inspire and teach women and girls to discover and build their own sources of confidence. At this time, they are about halfway through their journey and you can read more about it at Alyce and Lisa, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ113: Ganges River Expedition with Krushnaa Patil

Krushnaa Patil is a mountaineer and motivational speaker who became the youngest Indian to summit Mount Everest in 2009 at age 19. Between attempts to complete the Seven Summits, she joined the Access Water Expedition – a 55-day, 1500 mile journey along the Ganges River also known as the Ganga. From Gomukh in the Indian Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal, the team of 8 women met with young people to raise awareness and inspire future leaders to work toward access to abundant, clean water. You can learn more about their adventure at Krushnaa Patil, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ098: A Year in the Boundary Waters with Dave & Amy Freeman

Dave and Amy Freeman
Photo by Layne Kennedy

On September 23, 2015 Dave and Amy Freeman will launch their canoe in the Kawishiwi River and paddle into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. They will remain there for a full year, camping at over 100 different sites and traveling over 3,000 miles by canoe, ski, snowshoe and dog team. This 365-day adventure is in support of the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters. An effort to protect the Boundary Waters from proposed sulfide-ore copper mining on the edge of the Wilderness. If you want to visit the Freemans on a resupply mission or simply learn more about their efforts, visit and Dave and Amy, welcome back to the show.

TPZ094: Canoeing the Rio Roosevelt with Dave Freeman

Rio Roosevelt
Dave Freeman (2nd from left)

In 1914, President Theodore Roosevelt co-led an expedition to descend an unknown river in Brazil known as the River of Doubt. 100 years later, Dave Freeman and Paul Schurke retraced Roosevelt’s journey along this renamed Rio Roosevelt. They did it to see how the river has changed and to celebrate the legacy of President Roosevelt who protected 230 million acres of public land and set the stage for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. You can learn more about their 400-mile canoe adventure at Dave previously appeared in Episode 4. Dave Freeman, welcome back to the show.

TPZ093: Kayaking the Aleutians and Adventure Filmmaking with Justine Curgenven

Justine Curgenven
Photo credit : Kirk Mastin

Justine Curgenven is an expedition sea kayaker and adventure filmmaker. In her most recent expedition with teammate Sarah Outen, the two became the first to kayak the Aleutian Island chain from Adak to Homer Alaska. It was 4 months and 1500 miles of kayaking in a remote landscape with strong winds, fast currents, and rugged coastlines. Justine created an award-winning film of the adventure called Kayaking the Aleutians and you can learn more about it at her website Justine Curgenven, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ091: Kayaking the Mississippi River with Ellen McDonah

Mississippi River Kayak Ellen McDonah

As a teenager, Ellen McDonah dreamed of paddling the Mississippi River, but her mother said no. Over four decades later, she made the dream a reality, becoming the first woman to paddle solo 2,350 miles from the source to the Gulf of Mexico. She called the expedition One Woman’s River which began in May 2014 in a 14.5 foot kayak. Ellen is also an adventurism artist, creating 50 works of art during her travels and you can learn more at her website Ellen McDonah, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ090: A Kayaking and Cycling Adventure with Sarah Outen

Sarah Outen winter cycling

Four years ago Sarah Outen began her London 2 London via the World expedition, traveling eastward by bike, kayak, and rowboat. During the past two legs of her expedition she kayaked for 101 days and 2500 km along the Aleutian Islands until landing in Homer Alaska. Next she cycled from Alaska halfway through Canada and halfway through the US enduring a long, cold winter. I previously spoke with Sarah in Episode 28 about the earlier legs of her adventure and you can learn more at her website Sarah Outen, welcome back to the show.

TPZ089: Kayaking Patagonia with Erin Bastian

Erin Bastian Kayaking Patagonia

For five weeks, Erin Bastian and two teammates paddled sea kayaks 800 km through a beautiful and remote wilderness in the Chilean Patagonia. Starting in Puerto Eden, they traveled south through the fjords and rivers and among tidal glaciers and icebergs until their finish point in Puerto Natales. The expedition was called Wilderness 72 for the 72 degree line of longitude they would straddle and you can learn more about it and about Erin at Erin Bastian, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ085: Canoeing the Congo River with Phil Harwood

Phil Harwood Canoeing the Congo River

In 2008, Phil Harwood completed a descent of the Congo River, starting at the Chambesi River in Zambia then traveling mostly through the Democratic Republic of Congo. For five months he navigated through the water and the corruption in his 15-foot canoe to reach the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way he encountered people that wanted to kill him and steal his money, but also local fisherman that offered their help when he needed it most. Phil tells this amazing adventure story in his book, Canoeing the Congo – The First Source to Sea Descent of the Congo River and you can learn more at Phil Harwood, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

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