TPZ133: Cycling to Mount Everest with Jelle Veyt

cycling to everest

Cycling from Belgium to Nepal to attempt a climb of Mount Everest, Jelle Veyt first stopped to climb Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. After summiting, he continued on cycling through Kazakhstan, China, Tibet and Nepal until reaching Kathmandu. After the roads ended he continue on foot to Everest base camp to join his expedition team for the 2014 climbing season, but an ice avalanche killed 16 Nepalese guides and ended the season. Jelle went back in 2015, but got caught in an avalanche caused by a massive earthquake. Finally in 2016, Jelle summited Everest on his third attempt. His adventure raised funds for Shangrila Home which gives the street children of Nepal a home and education. You can learn more about Jelle’s adventures at his website Jelle Veyt, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

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