TPZ145: Skiing and Kayaking in Russia with Callie Morgigno

Ski touring Russia

In February 2017, Callie Morgigno set off with teammate Charlie Walker on a 5,500 mile adventure along the perceived border between Europe and Asia from the Russian arctic to the Bosporus strait in Turkey. It was a triathlon over 9 months as they skied through the Ural mountains, kayaked the Ural river, and cycled along the Black Sea coast to the finish. They call their expedition Following the Line and you can learn more about their journey at Callie is a seasoned traveler, having trekked across Mali by donkey, hiked through parts of Afghanistan, and cycled solo across Asia. Callie Morgigno, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Listen to Charlie Walker talk about his cycling adventure in Episode 087.

TPZ036: Canoeing Mongolia and Russia with Bria Schurke

Bria Schurke Asia Rivers Expedition
Photo by Bria Schurke

As a child, Bria Schurke traveled to Eastern Russia 10 times, first setting foot in Siberia at age four while visiting her father’s expeditions.  As a first grader she went to the North Pole and grew up among sled dogs near Ely, MN learning to be a musher and becoming an accomplished Nordic skier.  Bria has worked at medical facilities in India, Kenya, and Somalia and has worked as an instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School.  In June of 2013, Bria returned to Russia with Alexander Martin as the two set out on a 2900 km canoeing expedition in northern Mongolia, central Siberia, and Far Eastern Russia as part of their Asia Rivers Expedition.  You can learn more about their adventure at  Bria Schurke, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ022: Adventure on the Amur with Amber Valenti

Women kayaking
Photo by Skip Armstrong

In May of 2013 Amber Valenti was one of four women who embarked on a source to sea descent of the Amur River—the world’s third longest free-flowing river. They traveled through remote Mongolia and Russia from the birthplace of Genghis Khan to the Pacific Ocean delta.  They called their expedition Nobody’s River Project and its purpose is to tell the story of this widely unknown watershed from the vast biodiversity to the threats that face it including pollution, hydropower, and habitat destruction.  You can learn more about their adventure at  Amber Valenti, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

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