TPZ184: Cycling, Packrafting, & Hiking with Alice Bowers

She had an ordinary life as a geography teacher before setting out to live a life of adventure.  She is passionate about traveling and human powered exploration and spent 13 months cycling the length of Australia and New Zealand and then from Indonesia to Nepal.  The journey opened her eyes to the kindness of strangers, but also to the harmful effects humans have on the environment.  She also spent a month paddling the rivers of rural Bangladesh and recently returned home from walking the length of Iceland.  You can learn more at her website  Alice Bowers, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ121: Solo Trekking and Packrafting in Chilean Patagonia with Charlie Tokeley

trekking packrafting patagonia

For 24 days Charlie Tokeley trekked and packrafted a remote stretch of Chilean Patagonia, documenting previously unexplored glaciers and traversing unnamed rivers. During this time he saw not a single person or sign of human activity. He describes it as breathtakingly stunning at times and inexplicably hard the rest – a rainbow in a rainstorm. You can learn more about the adventure at Charlie Tokeley, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ105: Hiking & Packrafting Alaska’s Brooks Range with Kristin Gates

Brooks Range Traverse

Kristin Gates was the youngest woman to hike the US Triple Crown, the first person to hike the completed 800 mile Arizona Trail, and the first woman to solo traverse Alaska’s Brooks Range. After 700 miles of bushwhacking and 300 miles of packrafting for 51 days on the Brooks Range, Kristin spent the next summer solo kayaking the 2,000 mile Yukon river from its headwaters to the Bearing Sea. You can learn more about her adventures at her website Kristin Gates, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

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