TPZ125: Running the Jungle Ultra in Peru with Hollie Woodhouse

Peru Jungle Ultra
Photo by Bill Irwin

The Jungle Ultra is a 230 km footrace in Peru. Competitors have 6 days to complete the 5 stages of the race starting in the cloud forest and descending 10,500 feet to the Amazon Jungle below. Hollie Woodhouse ran the Jungle Ultra as part of a team known as Running for Rangers. They compete in marathons and ultra marathons to raise money for the welfare of the rangers who risk their lives daily to protect African elephants and rhino. Hollie is also the creator of Say Yes To Adventure magazine with the tag line – ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It’s filled with inspiring stories, photos, and illustrations around the theme of adventure. You can learn more about Hollie and her pursuits at Hollie Woodhouse, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ046: Solo Rafting the Cotahuasi River with Bruce Low

Cotahuasi River Adventure

Bruce Low is a professional whitewater rafting guide and whitewater kayaker. For 6 days in 2010, he solo rafted a 60-mile stretch of the Cotahuasi River in Peru. It’s a 160-mile river that drops 100 feet per mile and winds through the deepest canyon in the world – the Cotahuasi Canyon – twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. Located on the edge of the Atacama Desert, it’s dry, hot, and windy. Besides a zest for adventure, another reason Bruce challenged the river was to raise money for CLAN, a cancer support organization in his hometown of Aberdeen Scotland. Bruce Low, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ007: Living Abroad in Peru with Danielle Krautmann

At the beginning 2010, my next guest left her life as an Occupational Therapist in the United States and found herself as a lonely housewife in Lima, Peru.  But it didn’t take long to overcome the fear of a foreign city, catcalling men, and wild street dogs to become a marathon runner, a cook, an English teacher, and a Social-Media Marketing Manager.  Danielle Krautmann (DanielleLParker [at] gmail [dot] com), welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

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