TPZ189: Sailing, Cycling, Motorbiking and Vanlife Adventures with Huub van der Mark

While in Kyrgyzstan in 2018 he bought a Russian-made 1987 UAZ-452 van.  After converting it into a campervan he drove off to explore central Asia, Iran, and Pakistan.  After Pakistan, he shipped the van to Argentina where he has begun a multi-year road trip to Alaska.  But before all of this, he lived on sailboats, cycled the length of New Zealand, and rode a motorcycle through Vietnam.  You can learn more about these adventures at his YouTube channel Huub Vlogs.  Huub van der Mark, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ170: Solar VanLife Adventure with Joel Hayes & Keegan Taccori

Solar VanLife with Route Del Sol

Joel is the pilot and Keegan is the copilot.  They are the first team in the world to drive a solar powered, 100% electric camper van from Alaska to Argentina.  The adventure is called Route del Sol and the goal is to make it to the bottom of South America by the summer of 2020.  The first part of Route Del Sol has taken them through the landscapes of Alaska, the Yukon Territory and British Columbia.  Now they’re in part two and making their way down the west coast of the United States.  You can learn more at  Joel Hayes and Keegan Taccori, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ154: RTW Overland Motorbike Adventure with Steph Jeavons

Overland Motorbike Steph Jeavons

In March 2014 Steph Jeavons set off on a solo ‘round the world overland journey on her Honda CF250L motorbike.  She completed her adventure 4 years later becoming the first Brit to do so by riding in all 7 continents.  It was an adventure not about the bike or speed, but about living, learning, and enjoying life.  She endured everything from extreme heat to the freezing cold while camping, couch surfing, and staying with fellow bikers.  She is also fundraising for Rally4Life.  An organization dedicated to relieving poverty by providing education, food, and shelter to needy families around the world.  You can learn more about Steph and her adventure at  Steph Jeavons, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ136: Road Trip thru US National Parks with Jeremy Cronon

US National Parks Road Trip

In the summer of 2015, Jeremy Cronon set out on a 32,000 mile road trip through the USA. He wanted to better understand the American wilderness and its conservation ethic by visiting places we have chosen to protect. With his faithful companion Sam, a 2008 Atomic blue Honda Element outfitted like a camper van, Jeremy explored 47 National Parks. Over the 250 day adventure he also visited state parks, cities, and connected with friends and family along the way. You can learn more about his travels at his website Jeremy Cronon, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ102: Adventure Cycling & Travel with Dakota & Chelsea

Two years ago, Dakota and Chelsea rented their home and hit the road in a Mercedes Sprinter van they converted into an adventure camper. Their road trip through the Southwest US turned into an open-ended adventure as they eventually cycled 4,000 miles across the US and most recently cycled 2,400 miles from London to Prague. You can learn more about their travels at their website Dakota and Chelsea, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

TPZ079: Land Rover Adventure with Lucy Engleheart and Anne-Laure Carruth

Anne-Laure Carruth and Lucy Engleheart
Anne-Laure (left) and Lucy

After two years of planning, Lucy Engleheart and Anne-Laure Carruth set off on an amazing 174-day road trip circumnavigating the Mediterranean Sea. They focused their journey on North Africa and the Middle East, hoping to break down cultural misperceptions and gather stories of everyday life. Their constant companion was Landy – a 1971 long wheelbase Series IIa Land Rover which continuously broke down, yet delivered them safely back home. You can learn more about this adventure at their website Lucy and Anne-Laure, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

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