TPZ143: What’s coming in the New Year for the Podcast

Adventure travel podcast

Greetings from TPZ headquarters where I produce The Pursuit Zone Adventure Travel Podcast.

In this episode I talk about where I’ve been for the last year and about ideas I have for the podcast going forward.  I also tell you about the biggest mistake I’ve made as a podcast producer.  Let me know your thoughts and give me your feedback.

In this episode I talk about:

  • Why I burned out
  • The online business I started
  • New podcast artwork on the way
  • Podcast show title change
  • A voice message experiment
  • How much content can I produce
  • Can you help me create content?
  • Costs of producing the show and how I might offset the costs
  • My desire to outsource the editing
  • Starting a book club
  • Sending content to Youtube
  • Reposting content
  • Things I need to improve on like show notes and social media
  • My biggest mistake as TPZ producer
  • Tag lines
  • Happy New Year!

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