TPZ130: Sumatra Biodiversity Expedition with Oli Broadhead & Iris Berger

Sumatra expedition
Said, Roy, Oli, Iris

Sumatra is the 6th largest island in the world with just over twice the land area of Great Britain. During the summer of 2016, undergraduate Biology students Oli Broadhead and Iris Berger set out to walk across Sumatra to compare the biodiversity of untouched forests vs. deforested ecosystems. They found their way into an unexplored forest that surrounds the 3080 meter Mount Kurik on which they attempted a first ascent. After leaving the forest they had recorded over 60 species then spent the next 3 weeks walking through rural Sumatra to the coast. Oli previously appeared in episode 114 at and you can learn more about Oli’s adventures at his website Oli Broadhead, welcome back to the show.

Iris Berger’s website link.

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