TPZ048: Thru-Hiking the Continental Divide Trail with Dan Drehmel

Continental Divide Trail Dan Drehmel

The Continental Divide National Scenic Trail spans 3,100 miles across 5 states from Canada to Mexico. It is one of the most remote and challenging long-distance trails with altitudes ranging from 4,000 ft. to 14,000 ft. across landscapes from tundra to desert. Dan Drehmel was one of the 150 people that attempt to thru-hike the trail each year. In 2013, he set out on his first long-distance hike and spent 131 days on the trail going north to south. He did it to challenge himself both mentally and physically and to immerse himself in the history of the old mining towns and the wild west. Dan Drehmel, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Check out this video of Dan’s CDT presentation.

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