TPZ058: Traversing Papua New Guinea with Patrick Hutton

Papua New Guinea Expedition
Richard (left) and Patrick (right)

For 83 days beginning in March of 2014, Patrick Hutton and Richard Johnson became the first to traverse Papua New Guinea in a continuous, unmotorized and unportered crossing at its widest point from Vanimo to Daru. It was a 1,000 km adventure requiring bushwhacking through nearly uninhabited dense jungle, climbing over the 3000 meter Star Mountain range, and rafting a crocodile infested tributary of the Fly River. One of their goals is to raise money for ChildFund International, an organization that sends medics deep into remote areas to vaccinate infants against preventable diseases. You can read more about their Papaua New Guinea Expedition at Patrick Hutton, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

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