Nominate a Guest

Do you have an idea for an episode of The Pursuit Zone Podcast or do you have a person you want to nominate as a future guest?

If you do and they meet these specifications, please send me a message.  I’m always looking for great content.

Nomination Criteria

  • They have pushed themselves out of their comfort zone in pursuit of an ambitious goal.
  • They have a positive and inspiring message.
  • They have a great story to tell or can give advice on a topic that The Pursuit Zone audience would love to hear.

Nominate a Guest

  • Please give us the name of the person you are nominating
  • What's the address for their website if they have one.
  • What's their email address?
  • If they would prefer to be contacted by phone, add their number here.
  • Tell us a little about why you're nominating this person.

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