TPZ160: Bikepacking Iceland and Sri Lanka with George Maurer

Every year since 2014 George Maurer has gone on an epic bike ride to raise funds for cancer research in memory of his friend Carolyn Held who died … Continue Reading...

TPZ159: Trekking to K2 Basecamp with Alison Young

In the middle of the Karakorum range in Pakistan is a place called Concordia.  It’s where the Baltoro glacier meets the Godwin-Austen glacier.  It’s a … Continue Reading...

TPZ158: Cycling Around the World with Tim Moss

Tim Moss has a new book titled With the Sun on Our Right.  It chronicles the 16-month ‘round-the-world cycle tour he and his wife Laura began in 2013 … Continue Reading...

TPZ157: Thru-hiking the Great Plains Trail with Luke Jordan

The Great Plains Trail is a recently established long distance hiking trail in the US.  It stretches for 2,200 miles from the desert of west Texas to … Continue Reading...

TPZ156: Cycling in the South American Andes with Faye Shepherd

In October 2016 Faye Shepherd began a 6-month, 5,500-mile cycling adventure through Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.  Starting in La Paz with her … Continue Reading...

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