Kayaking Minnesota to Florida with Daniel Alvarez : TPZ 005 Encore

My next guest is Daniel Alvarez.  After completing four long-distance hikes including the 2,000 mile Appalachian trail and the 3,000 mile Continental … Continue Reading...

Rowing the Atlantic Ocean with Paddy Montgomery & Seamus Crawford : TPZ 150

Seamus Crawford and Paddy Montgomery previously appeared in Episode 118 to talk about the first two legs of their journey - The Race Across Europe and … Continue Reading...

Bicentennial National Trail on Wild Horses with Alienor Le Gouvello : TPZ 149

The Bicentennial National Trail stretches over 5,000 km and crosses some of eastern Australia's most remote and spectacular landscapes.  It took 13 … Continue Reading...

Amazon Dugout Canoe Adventure with Ben Sadd and James Trundle : TPZ 148

In 2015 Benjamin Sadd and James Trundle decided to have an adventure and make a film.  They wanted to build on their previous journeys and do … Continue Reading...

Backpacking Iceland with Larry Mishkar : TPZ 147

Larry Mishkar backpacked 400 miles across Iceland over 25 days.  He traveled from the southern shore to the northern coast on the volcano route and … Continue Reading...

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