TPZ174: Trekking to Everest Base Camp with Russ Hepton

Trekking to Everest base camp at 5,380 meters is not an easy adventure, but the reward is spending time in the incredible mountain landscapes of the … Continue Reading...

TPZ173: Trekking Death Valley National Park with Roland Banas

Death Valley National Park on the California Nevada border is the hottest, driest and lowest of all the US national parks.  It is also the … Continue Reading...

TPZ172: Cycling Around the World with Tim Millikin

From his home in Reading England to the finish line in Reading, PA it was a journey of 46,500 km spanning over 3 years.  On a bicycle he built for … Continue Reading...

TPZ171: Kayaking the Kwanza River in Angola with Oscar Scafidi

In June 2016, Oscar Scafidi and teammate Alfy Weston assembled the 1960s era Klepper Aerius II foldable kayak and set out on the Kwanza River in … Continue Reading...

TPZ170: Solar VanLife Adventure with Joel Hayes & Keegan Taccori

Joel is the pilot and Keegan is the copilot.  They are the first team in the world to drive a solar powered, 100% electric camper van from … Continue Reading...

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