TPZ154: RTW Overland Motorbike Adventure with Steph Jeavons

In March 2014 Steph Jeavons set off on a solo ‘round the world overland journey on her Honda CF250L motorbike.  She completed her adventure 4 years … Continue Reading...

TPZ153: Patagonia Horseback Adventure with Stevie Anna

Raised in Oregon and Texas, Stevie Anna lives for travel and adventure.  While living in a van with her dog Darcie, she traveled to 49 states and … Continue Reading...

6,000 Miles by Horseback on the Eurasian Steppe with Tim Cope : TPZ032 Encore

For 3 years Tim Cope traveled by horseback through the Eurasian steppe from the ancient capital city of Karakoram in Mongolia to the Danube River in … Continue Reading...

Backpacking Europe with Daniel Alvarez : TPZ 152

In the summer of 2017 Daniel Alvarez finished a very long walk across Europe.  He started at the top of Norway and continued south across Sweden, … Continue Reading...

Bikepacking the Tour Divide with Ralph Karsten : TPZ 151

June 2018 will be the second time Ralph Karsten starts the Tour Divide at the Grand Depart in Banff Canada.  The Tour Divide is an annual … Continue Reading...

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