Hitchhiking Argentina to Alaska with Steve & Jo Dew-Jones : TPZ 139

In March 2014, Steve and Jo Dew-Jones traveled to the bottom of South America and began hitchhiking north. In November, they arrived in Homer Alaska … Continue Reading...

Kayaking in Chilean Patagonia with Will Copestake : TPZ 138

With 45 days of food crammed into their 17 foot expedition kayaks, Will Copestake and his friend Seumus began an 840 km expedition through the icy … Continue Reading...

Mountaineering in Svalbard with James Lam : TPZ 137

In the summer of 2016, a team of five from Oxford University traveled into the Arctic Circle to ski east to west across the island of Spitsbergen - … Continue Reading...

Road Trip thru US National Parks with Jeremy Cronon : TPZ 136

In the summer of 2015, Jeremy Cronon set out on a 32,000 mile road trip through the USA. He wanted to better understand the American wilderness and … Continue Reading...

Rafting down the Amazon River with Henrik Frederiksen : TPZ 135

In 2011, Henrik Frederiksen quit his job as a marine civil engineer to pursue his dream of cycling around the world. But when he reached Ecuador, … Continue Reading...

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