TPZ169: Walking thru Bangladesh with Ian Packham

Located between India and Myanmar, Bangladesh is a country about the size of England and Wales, but with three times the population.  From January … Continue Reading...

TPZ168: Arctic Expedition Sailing with Katherine Knight

A lifelong love of sailing and adventure has taken Katherine Knight all over the world, from Iceland to Canada, the arctic and Cape Horn.  Her home, … Continue Reading...

TPZ167: Trekking the Gambia River with Chaz Powell

In January 2019, Chaz Powell and Tim Roberts set off on a 1,120 km trek of the Gambia River from its source in the Fouta Djallon highlands of central … Continue Reading...

TPZ166: Vietnam Motorcycle Adventure with William Shears

Having never ridden a motorcycle, William Shears traveled to Vietnam to begin a roughly 1,200-mile motorbike adventure from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh.  He … Continue Reading...

TPZ165: Skiing the Greenland Ice Cap with Hollie Woodhouse

Out of almost 200 applicants, Hollie Woodhouse along with 3 other young explorers were selected to take on the 2018 Antarctic Heritage Trust Inspiring … Continue Reading...

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