Rowing the Atlantic Ocean with Paddy Montgomery & Seamus Crawford : TPZ 150

Talisker Whiskey Atlantic ChallengeSeamus Crawford and Paddy Montgomery previously appeared in Episode 118 to talk about the first two legs of their journey – The Race Across Europe and the Marathon des Sables.  Now they are back to talk about their successful completion of leg 3 – the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, a 3,000-nautical-mile row across the Atlantic Ocean.  They are fundraising for The Prostrate Project and Shooting Star Chase and you can learn more about their adventure at  Seamus and Paddy, welcome back to the show.

Bicentennial National Trail on Wild Horses with Alienor Le Gouvello : TPZ 149

Bicentennial National Trail

Photo credit: Cat Vinton

The Bicentennial National Trail stretches over 5,000 km and crosses some of eastern Australia’s most remote and spectacular landscapes.  It took 13 months for Alienor Le Gouvello and her 3 horses – Roxanne, River and Cooper – to complete the trail making her the first person to finish it on wild horses.  Before setting out she had to break and train these wild horses, known as brumbies, with the help of the Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse Association.  Alienor also traveled to Mongolia to compete in the 6-day 480 km Gobi Desert Cup endurance race on Mongolian horses where she finished in first place.  You can learn more about Alienor and her adventures on Facebook at  Alienor Le Gouvello, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Amazon Dugout Canoe Adventure with Ben Sadd and James Trundle : TPZ 148

DugOut An Amazon Adventure

Ben (left) and James

In 2015 Benjamin Sadd and James Trundle decided to have an adventure and make a film.  They wanted to build on their previous journeys and do something on a grander scale so they came up with the idea of building a dugout canoe.  They traveled to the Ecuadorian Amazon, lived in an indigenous community that helped them build the canoe, then launched it into a river and continued their adventure through Ecuador’s Yasuni region – one of the most biodiverse areas of the world.  These 2 months are captured in their award-winning film DugOut – An Amazon Adventure which you can find online at  You can learn more about Benjamin at and more about James at  Ben and James, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Backpacking Iceland with Larry Mishkar : TPZ 147

Larry Mishkar backpacked 400 miles across Iceland over 25 days.  He traveled from the southern shore to the northern coast on the volcano route and today he will share with you why Iceland might be the best place for your first international backpacking trip.  You can learn more about Larry at Larry Mishkar, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Travel resources:

Map of Iceland

Bikepacking and Adventure Filmmaking with Ben Page : TPZ 146

Bikepacking Yukon The Frozen RoadAfter university in 2014 and with £9,000 in the bank, 22 year old Ben Page flew to the bottom of South America to begin an around the world cycling adventure. As Ben reached Canada he began planning a winter ride on a fat tire bike through the Yukon Territory from Whitehorse to the village of Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean. This 2,000 km winter journey is documented in an award-winning film titled The Frozen Road and you can learn more about it at Ben’s website After Ben thawed out he continued cycling for another year and a half across Asia, Africa, and Europe. Ben Page, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Skiing and Kayaking in Russia with Callie Morgigno : TPZ 145

Ski touring RussiaIn February 2017, Callie Morgigno set off with teammate Charlie Walker on a 5,500 mile adventure along the perceived border between Europe and Asia from the Russian arctic to the Bosporus strait in Turkey. It was a triathlon over 9 months as they skied through the Ural mountains, kayaked the Ural river, and cycled along the Black Sea coast to the finish. They call their expedition Following the Line and you can learn more about their journey at Callie is a seasoned traveler, having trekked across Mali by donkey, hiked through parts of Afghanistan, and cycled solo across Asia. Callie Morgigno, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Listen to Charlie Walker talk about his cycling adventure in Episode 087.

Climbing Mt. Elbrus with James Didier : TPZ 144

Mt. ElbrusJames Didier began mountaineering in 2011 in Colorado. Since then he has climbed several significant Alpine peaks in North America and Europe. His most recent adventure was a summit of Europe’s highest peak – Mount Elbrus in Russia at 18,510 feet. James climbed without a guide and on a total budget of less than 1,500 dollars including travel expenses making Mt. Elbrus possibly the most affordable of the seven summits and one of the easiest to get to. James Didier, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Mountain Project

Pilgrim Tours

What’s coming in the New Year for the Podcast – TPZ 143

Adventure travel podcastGreetings from TPZ headquarters where I produce The Pursuit Zone Adventure Travel Podcast.

In this episode I talk about where I’ve been for the last year and about ideas I have for the podcast going forward.  I also tell you about the biggest mistake I’ve made as a podcast producer.  Let me know your thoughts and give me your feedback.

In this episode I talk about:

  • Why I burned out
  • The online business I started
  • New podcast artwork on the way
  • Podcast show title change
  • A voice message experiment
  • How much content can I produce
  • Can you help me create content?
  • Costs of producing the show and how I might offset the costs
  • My desire to outsource the editing
  • Starting a book club
  • Sending content to Youtube
  • Reposting content
  • Things I need to improve on like show notes and social media
  • My biggest mistake as TPZ producer
  • Tag lines
  • Happy New Year!

Winter Thru-Hiking the Ice Age Trail with Mike Summers : TPZ 142

Ice Age Trail Mike SummersMike Summers is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for hiking. In December 2016 he set out westbound to complete the Ice Age Trail in winter. It’s one of the 11 National Scenic Trails and exists entirely in the state of Wisconsin. It took Mike 58 days to thru-hike the 1,077 miles. You can learn more about the Ice Age Trail at and more about Mike at Mike Summers welcome to The Pursuit Zone.

Walking the Zambezi River with Chaz Powell : TPZ 141

Zambezi RiverFor over a decade, Chaz Powell has been backpacking in remote places around the world. Starting in August 2016, Chaz began an attempt to walk the length of the Zambezi river starting at the source near Kalene Hills in northwestern Zambia. He walked for nearly 1,300 miles in 97 days through one the most remote parts of the world, most of the time alone and self-supported. The goal was to reach the Indian Ocean, but Chaz fell short by 600 miles due to the dangers of traveling through Mozambique. His main goal is to raise money and awareness for wildlife conservation throughout Africa and to highlight the growing concerns of wildlife crimes across the globe. He is supporting the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and you can learn more about Chaz and his adventures at Chaz Powell, welcome to The Pursuit Zone.